AI Robot is a game written in javascript and html. The goal of the game is to clean as many tiles as possible within the time limit provided in each level. To control the robot's movements you must select the instructions you want and place them in order.

You may choose among different options:

  • Move ahead: the robot will move X tiles in the direction that it is facing.
  • Turn left: the robot will turn 90 degrees to its left.
  • Turn right: the robot will turn 90 degrees to its right.
  • Turn around: the robot will turn 180 degrees.
  • Increase X (x++): it increases by 1 the current value of X, which is used to determine how many tiles the robot moves each time it is told to move ahead.

The instructions can be placed in 4 different rows:

  1. Initial instructions: these (5) instructions will only run once right at the beginning of the level. The first instruction (x = 1) is already given and cannot be removed.
  2. Initial loop: the next 5 instructions will be executed over and over, just after the initial instructions. They will be constantly repeated until the robot hits a wall.
  3. Instructions after collision: this set of 5 instructions will run only once, right after the robot hits a wall.
  4. After collision loop: the last set of instructions is another loop, that will be executed over and over until the end of the level. However, if the robot hits a wall again, set number 3 will run once again before returning to this loop.

If you have any questions, suggestions / ideas for new levels please leave a comment.

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GenrePuzzle, Strategy
Tagsartificial-intelligence, Clicker, Robots, Singleplayer

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