You are a spacecraft navigation engineer at the International Space Station. Your job is to remotely guide the spaceships to a safe landing. In order to do so you will have to rely on the facts that you know about the spaceship (angle of rotation, distance, horizontal and vertical speed), since sometimes it will go off screen and you won't see it! You will need to make smart and fuel-efficient moves.

  • Levels are endlessly generated by randomly assigning new positions to the landing station and the spacecraft, and picking one of 12 possible bacgrounds.
  • Controls: Arrow Keys.
  • With every mission that you successfully complete you will be adding points to your score. The score takes into account the fuel that you have left and how 'centered' and smooth was your landing.
  • A landing is valid if both the vertical and horizontal speeds are under 0.5 (absolute value) and the angle is between -9 and +9. Otherwise the landing is unsafe and it is Game Over.

If you reach 1000 points you can consider yourself a Spacecraft Navigation Master!

Good luck! Please comment any suggestions / ideas, and your highscore if you want.


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Tags2D, Endless, Flying, High Score, javascript, Space


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My personal best record is 2564 :)